Friday, November 05, 2004

A conversation with Dad

"Honey, I got you something. You're going to love it. (as he disappears out the door when I'd come to visit.) If you don't love it, I'll help you get it off..."

"Get WHAT off?"

"You'll see...Funny stuff." Dad says as he grins at me.

A couple of hours later I make my way out to my car to find a nice hot pink foiled sticker stuck on the drivers side small window right behind my window.

Hmmm, I think to myself. That looks like one of those stickers that jr. high girls like to stick in their lockers. Always saying something clever like: Sorry it's not my day to care, or Go fascinate someone else, or one of my personal favorites: How may I ignore you today? They're great b/c you know they just hate to be peeled off, even when you decide that whatever was so witty yesterday has just lost a little bit of it's kick. I thought, what could provoke my dad to put a sticker on MY car? When I finally got close enough to read it:

Boyfriend Challenged


Well what can you do? I just turned and chuckled at my dad who obviously thinks he's made this great joke, grumbling under my breath all the time about what a wonderful daily reminder I now have at my "state of being", while my sisters, who belong to the elite club of marrieds, just look on sheepishly.

I drive away thinking, boy do I just LOVE to still be single.

So after a nice long stretch of singleness that includes some bad decisions (ie straighttuckjon, toohotforhisowngoodjacob, and one of my personal favorites gayjay who's in a wonderful committed relationship now with this really attractive guy... I've decided why not make light of it. That's what life is all about.

Therefore I started this blog. All about being single, in my midtwenties, in the midwest, as a middle child surrounded by marrieds. So if you pass a girl with a nice hot pink foiled sticker on her window that reads boyfriend challenged, don't be so quick to judge. She probably didn't put it there herself. She just hasn't had time to find some goobegone to fix the stickiness that will be left behind in the aftermath.


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